Tracy Pitcher

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Tracy’s professional career has focused on “people helping people.”

After 14 years in credit unions where she was the Vice President with the state trade association, Tracy realized that while she enjoyed her work, her passion was not being fueled. She was volunteering at Albany Medical Center in AIDS treatment when she realized social work was where she needed to be. She quit her job, received her Master’s in Social Welfare and started work in Community Mental Health eventually running a family treatment program, outpatient treatment and handling the marketing and development for ClearView Center, a mental health organization for adults with a serious illness. She was also conducting workshops for the American Cancer Society to benefit cancer patients and their loved ones so eventually, her path took her to ACS where she ran patient programs for a 13 county area in NY and oversaw HopeClub. Her path then lead her to St. Paul’s Center where she is now executive director and loving every moment of it, taking the opportunity to make an difference in the local community by assisting homeless mothers and their children.

In what little free time is available, she enjoys gardening, hiking, water sports, junking, renovation, and her 3 dogs.